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Equipment and Technology of the Dental practice Dr. Hans-Jörg Becker Stuttgart

Equipment and technology


What I can see, I can treat.

The microscope with 4× to 25× magnification leads to optimization of the treatment result in all sectors of the dentistry. Especially in endodontic, it is impossible to imagine without the operating microscope.

A microscope magnifies all tooth structures, thus many details of the root canals are detected and successfully treated. A microscope enables also an optimal illumination inside of the tooth. This enables an optimum view into the root and a secure control of cleanliness in the depth of the root canals. The treatment with the help of the microscope enables a precise and thus a successful treatment result.




Drilling, cutting, disinfect with light

Many kinds of treatment are supported at our house through the use of a laser. With the laser, it will be treated gently and painlessly.

We often replace the drill and scalpel with the Laser – this reduces pain, accelerates the healing process, reduces bleeding and results in a smaller scar formation. We use the laser for a gentle and minimally invasive treatment.


For example, the following treatments can be performed with the laser:


“Drilling” with light

Without unpleasant noise, very sophisticatedly, only the carious tooth material can be removed by the laser. The tooth substance will not be unnecessarily removed, and the bacteria will be removed even to considerable depth. Moreover, this is done quickly, accurately and much more pleasant for the patient.


In the root treatment

The laser is highly effective in the sterilization of root canals. The light penetrates up in the areas that cannot be achieved with rinsing solutions and filing. Even the tissues surrounding the root will be achieved. Thus, possible operations at the root tip can be prevented. Even already unsuccessfully operated teeth can be saved in this way.


In the periodontics

In the periodontics (treatment of gingival and periodontal diseases), a cleansing of the periodontal pockets with a laser can be carried out. Thus, the tissue ablating and antibacterial features of laser light are used. This effect is also to apply if the gums and the bone around an implant are inflamed. Here, a treatment with the laser is even essential, if you would like to be treated successfully.


In the surgery

Here, the laser is used for the removal of skin growths, for lip strap removal or for disinfection of wounds. Even an acceleration of the wound healing, with lower consumption of painkillers, is documented. Using suitable laser, even the jaw can be treated. It can be applied from the removal of the bone through the preparation for the inclusion of a dental implant up to the uncovering of implants. In the surgery, the use of lasers has a long and very successful history.

Digital radiography

Less radiation exposure

An unbeatable advantage of the digital X-ray technology is up to 90% reduced radiation exposure compared with the traditional analogue technology. Furthermore, the dentist receives a digital image of the tooth within seconds that he can immediately use to assess the dental chart and to discuss it with the patient and colleagues. Digital technology protects the environment: analogue X-ray films and especially the corresponding development chemicals, as they were necessary for the conventional X-ray, are completely eliminated.

Digital Radiography

Video glasses

Video glasses

Relaxing treatment

To facilitate the treatment and to create for you a more pleasant atmosphere, you can enjoy your desired film on DVD with video glasses during the treatment.

Computer-controlled anesthesia

Leave the practice without numb cheek, tongue and lips - painless anesthesia

Injections must not bring pain. Therefore, we offer pain-free injections with the computer-assisted system CALAJECT™.

Computer-assisted anesthesia inserts the anesthetic with gentle and uniform speed free of pressure. It avoids the unpleasant feeling of pulling together and piercing in the mouth tissue. Furthermore, only a fraction of the usual amount of anesthesia is required.

Computer-controlled anesthesia

Instrumental function analysis

With an instrumental function analysis, also called temporomandibular joint measurement, we as specialists can determine the exact condition of your chewing system. This method enables us to program a so-called chewing simulator with your data, to analyze your occlusion three-dimensionally and to detect disorders of the temporomandibular joints as well as to create an individual treatment plan. This is particularly important in the planning and implementation of major renovations. Hereby, for the production of dental prostheses, parameters such as temporomandibular joint movements, individual occlusal height and other sizes in the masticatory system will be considered, so that you will feel completely happy with your new teeth.


Bio Feedback is a method for the improvement of perception, control and influence of bodily functions. Thus, physiological measurements are derived and confirmed electronically in the form of optical or acoustic signals. In patients who have the teeth grinding and clenching or temporomandibular joint problems, the activity of the masticatory muscles is derived and made visible on a screen. With the help of Bio Feedback, we can help you to achieve a reduction of the teeth grinding and clenching and pain of the masticatory muscles and temporomandibular joints and thereby to promote the general relaxation ability.

Matrix Therapy

Matrix Therapy

Against pain

The Matrix-Rhythm Therapy comes from the cell biological basic research at the University of Erlangen. Within of this research, it was discovered under a video microscope that human cells vibrate and pulsate rhythmically as long as they live. The Matrix-Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe®) supports the relief of symptoms and elimination of symptoms in muscular and musculoskeletal disorders. The therapy is realized through a device (Matrixmobil®) that coherently stimulates mechanically and magnetically the body's vibration of the skeletal muscles and the nervous system. Only completely relaxed muscles in the entire neck, head and shoulder area enable a relaxed jaw occlusion.

upper and lower jaw to each other. It can be implemented only with the help of the previous complete muscle relaxation. Even after finished orthodontic treatments, significant differences of the jaws can be detected. In addition, the jaw position plays particularly a big role in dental measures which involve an extensive teeth restoration. If practically the old occlusion will be further applied, this can lead to an early wear of the new supply (spalling of ceramics, breaks of dentures, “unexplained” pain of healthy teeth, etc.).

TDP therapy lamp

Natural heat instead of chemicals

This TDP mineral lamp comes from the land of acupuncture and is one of the hospital standards in China. The TDP therapy lamp contains a plate with 33 essential minerals, such as e.g. Fe, Se, Mn, Zn, Co, Ni, Cu and Cd, that also occur in the human body. During the heating up to 280 °C, the natural constituents of the mineral plate emit electromagnetic waves of a special spectrum, which correspond in their intensity and wavelength to the electromagnetic waves that every human body emits. Through the spectrum of visible light, infrared up to weak microwave oven, the TDP lamp can imitate the human bio-frequency spectrum almost congruently. This enables the absorption of waves through the body and far exceeds the effect of the conventional infrared lamps.

The deep penetrating heat stimulates the metabolism in the body. The transport of oxygen, nutrients, antibodies and the flow of decay products of metabolism are mobilized. Thus, blood circulation and cell supply are improved. The China light can be applied such as acupuncture. Then, instead of the diseased areas, the relevant acupuncture points are irradiated. The emitted energy waves harmonize the energy field, blockages are released, and the energy of life can flow again through the meridians uninterruptedly.

The TDP lamp is used against such problems as:

  • Back pain
  • High blood pressure
  • Allergies
  • Pain in the limbs
  • Rheumatism
  • Heart circulatory problems
  • Skin deseases
  • Inflammations


TDP therapy lamp