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„Come back guarantee“

Dear colleague,

We fully appreciate and are grateful that you are ready to entrust us with the most important thing what makes up your practice: your patients.
The trustful, cooperative partnership with our referring colleagues and family dentists is self-evident for us as our top priority and is absolutely guaranteed by a serious return of patients to your practice!

Your satisfaction with the treatment result and the satisfaction of your patients is our main aim.
Would you like to meet us personally? Then, we are looking forward to a phone call, and we would like to introduce ourselves personally, too. With our offer of the specialization in endodontic diseases and CMD patients, we would like to support you in our partnership.

With collegial regards

Yours Dr. H.-J. Becker

Dr. Hans-Jörg Becker M. Sc. / Dental practice Dr. Becker
Dr. Hans-Jörg Becker