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With our offer of the specialization in endodontic diseases, we would, as a partner, like to support you in your endeavor of the tooth-preserving therapy.

Dr. Hans-Jörg Becker

We have intensively trained in the field of endodontics to ensure the treatment of your patients on the basis of the highest international standards and latest scientific findings.
Scientific studies of root canal treatments in Germany show a success rate of only 40% of the cases (primary treatment) (Huelsmann, et. al., 1998 / 2006).
With modern techniques and the necessary experience, the success rates can be increased for a primary treatment to more than 90% (Imur, et. al., 2007), for a revision treatment in the most cases to 75 - 85% (Friedmann, et. al., 2004).

The treatment in our practice is carried out with permanent use of surgical microscopes with 4x to 25x magnification and under dental dam.

  • Display of all channels and cleaning with ultrasound and special, warmed rinsing solutions
  • Electronic channel length measurement
  • Individual apical gauging
  • Preparation with rotating nickel-titanium-instruments and hand instruments
  • Final vertical three-dimensional filling of the root canal system with heated gutta-percha
surgical microscope

surgical microscope

Treatment spectrum based on referring by colleagues:

  • Orthograde endodontic care with/without pin supply
  • Orthograde revision of an existing root filling, removal of foreign body, fractured instruments, pin build-ups and screw systems
  • Detection of canal inlets and processing of obliterated canals
  • Coverage of perforations with MTA
  • Endodontic diagnosis/pain diagnosis, endodontic treatment of pain
  • Cosmetic measures – bleaching method after endodontic conditional internal discoloration
  • Treatment of teeth whose roots have not yet matured

It is self-evident for us that we will render for the patients referred to us only the services which you wish to be carried out. No therapy beyond the order given by you will take place, except this will be specifically requested from you - please inform us in each appropriate case.

Before and after the referring:

You refer your patient to our practice to carry out microscopic treatment. You may tell us information about the case via telephone, fax, e-mail or letter.

A detailed letter with photo documentation and X-ray images informs you about important aspects of the treatment.

Treatment procedure:

During the first appointment, a detailed examination will take place, and at the same time, the cost issue will be cleared. Elaborate microscope-assisted endodontic treatment will be calculated according to the GOZ [German Scale of Fees for Dentists]. Before the treatment, a detailed cost estimate will be created.

The satisfaction of your patients is very important to us. For this reason, a detailed explanation takes place always before the start of treatment.
We are, of course, gladly available for you personally for questions at any time.