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Enviromental Dentistry | Dental practice Dr. Becker M. Sc. Stuttgart

Holistic dentistry- Environmental dentistry

Increasingly, in our modern society we are forced to deal with foreign substances. The sum of their effects on the human body can present inflammatory triggers and consequently cause various illnesses.


"Holistic dentistry" – also known as environmental dentistry – is a completely new and multidisciplinary oriented therapy and treatment approach for dentists and dental assistants as well as dental technicians.

Why environmental dentistry?

Foreign materials in the field of dentistry, orthopedics or surgery as well as drug and hormone replacement therapies are virtually already a matter of course – that is, they have become quite normal. And yet too easily we forget that every intervention into our organism can also have effects on the entire body. Accordingly, diseased teeth or intolerances to materials can be causes for chronic diseases, allergies or other medical problems.


The focus for the environmental dental specialist is, therefore, on the comprehensive dental treatment of chronically ill patients as well as preventative treatment concepts for healthy patients.


The aim is to prevent chronic inflammatory diseases – also those distant from the oral cavity – or alleviate already existing illnesses.


Environmental dentistry takes the relationship between the teeth and the body into account and in the treatment, helps by working together with other therapists (doctors, orthopedic specialists, dental technicians, osteopaths, physical therapists/physiotherapists etc.).


Advantages for our patients:

We are qualified environmental dental specialists and have gained specialist knowledge through corresponding professional development courses, the content of which far exceeds that taught in dentistry courses at universities.

As environmental dentists, we are often the last lifeline for chronically ill patients.

We have knowledge of general medical illnesses and, furthermore, have expertise in toxicology, immunology, allergology and the science of materials. As a result, we are able to recognize possible connections between your oral cavity and body organs and to use the entire spectrum of diagnostics to significantly increase the safety for you as a patient.


Also, to recognize and to resolve the complex problems of our patients, environmental dental specialists continually work in close cooperation with other medical disciplines.


Environmental specialists | Dental practice Dr. Becker M. Sc. Stuttgart

How do we work as environmental dental specialists?

Following a detailed consultation regarding your overall health, we conduct a thorough examination in the oral cavity to search for factors which, due to prolonged toxicological disturbances or immune activation, potentially have or could have triggered an inflammatory process.


Examples of this can be:

  • Displaced wisdom teeth
  • Unnoticed chronic periodontal disease
  • Undetected inflammations at the root tips
  • Materials used for fillings, crowns, dental bridges,
    prostheses or implants which are immunologically unsuitable for 
  • patients
  • Heavy metals
  • Binding materials (adhesives and cement)

All of this must be ascertained, and we are able to do this using our specialist knowledge in toxicology, immunology and environmental medicine.

We gladly advise you to

  • Testing of material incompatibility
  • Metal-free dental prostheses
  • Food intolerances

The Oligoscan-II-diagnostics

The aim of a holistic dental treatment as well should always be to normalize the balance of bacteria in the oral cavity. When planning a tailored, individual treatment, an analysis of the minerals, trace elements and toxic heavy metals which are present in the body is very helpful.


Thanks to Oligoscan II diagnostics, we have the possibility to generate a high-precision analysis of the elements of mineral metabolism, trace elements and the disturbances caused by toxic heavy metals in a matter of seconds.


To do this, a measurement is performed at four different points on the palm of the hand using a laser device. This method is non-invasive – which means no blood is taken and it is completely pain free!


The Oligoscan II system is a certified EU medical product and with its innovative method of measurement – spectrophotometry – provides the possibility for the assessment of the intracellular mineral metabolism for the regulation of cellular metabolism.


The advantages of Oligoscan-II diagnostics:

  • Fast localization of possible lack or surplus situations and therefore, a faster initiation of targeted therapy measures.
  • The Oligoscan determines 20 minerals and trace elements as well as 14 toxic heavy metals.

Image: © grandeduc, fotolia
Image: © grandeduc, fotolia

Dental toxicology:

The causes of allergies are many and varied! Allergies and significant toxic reactions in the human body can be triggered by dental materials. Here in the practice, we are able to significantly reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.

Information regarding compatible/tolerable dental material

The release of substances from within commercially available composites, adhesives and metallic dental materials has been proven by scientific studies. As a result, these substances can be metabolized by the body which can then display toxic effects.
In cooperation with clinics and institutes at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, the Technical University of Munich and the Helmholtz Zentrum in Neuherberg, Munich, an allergy testing procedure has been developed. With the help of this procedure, possible allergies to substances within dental materials can be detected.
Patients with known or proven allergies to such substances should not receive dental material which can release these substances into the body.
Following an individual allergy test we are able to select the most compatible dental material for an upcoming dental restoration.


  • What is a compatible dental material?
  • How do I obtain the most compatible dental material as a patient?
  • Can the dental material be responsible for other problems in my body?


We can answer all of these questions for you in detail in our practice.


Informations about Metal-free implants

We offer you 100% metal-free alternatives to titanium implants.


ZERAMEX® Ceramic implants

ZERAMEX® ceramic implants are artificial tooth roots which grow together solidly with the surrounding jaw bone and after adequate healing time, the implants are completed with a structure to which the actual crown or bridge is then applied. Even if all the teeth are missing, implants serve as holders for crowns and bridges or for removable dentures. In this way, your teeth can be restored functionally and aesthetically – long lasting, lovely.

Further information also available at »


SAREMCO DENTAL Composite restoration systems

Saremco has invested many years of experience and specialized dental knowledge in these systems. The result is a rounded restoration system on a micro hybrid basis, comprised of bonding, composite, cement and sealant. In particular, the omission of TEGDMA and HEMA from the composition signifies a considerable advantage for patients and users with an allergy to these substances. The danger of contamination from these substances due to skin contact or leaching out through the saliva and also their absorption into the body's circulation is, therefore, significantly reduced.

Further information also available at »


Use of essential oils in periodontology

Aromatogram and aromatherapy

Periodontitis is a chronic, recurring infectious disease, and, therefore, the care of patients with periodontitis is generally long-term.


The treatment of periodontitis is technically one of the most challenging within the context of treating infectious diseases, therefore, generalized solutions for these patients such as untargeted antibiotic therapy (outcome: development of resistance) or pure mechanical therapy without microbiological control (outcome: facilitation of bacterial growth and overgrowth with aggressive bacteria) are out of the question.


Due to the highly prevalent use of antibiotics worldwide bacteria and germs are becoming more and more resistant. Alternative treatment techniques are, therefore, increasingly coming to the fore, including the tried and tested treatment of infections with essential oils.


The advantage is clear: Essential oils and also preparations of essential oils can be used by the patients themselves when rinsing as a part of their daily dental care routine. These preparations are not to be compared with a classical mouthwash, which for aesthetic reasons is used to freshen the breath. Essential oils are individually and specifically prepared for each patient in accordance with bacterial testing (Aromatogram). They help to promote the targeted, microbiologically tested treatment of periodontitis.

Matrix therapy for pain | Dental practice Dr. Becker M. Sc. Stuttgart

Matrix therapy for pain

Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe®) facilitates the easing of medical problems and the relief of symptoms of musculoskeletal illnesses. The therapy is carried out by a device (Matrixmobil®) that coherently stimulates the natural vibrations in the body's skeletal muscle and nervous system mechanically and magnetically.


We have extensive experience in the use of Matrix Rhythm Therapy and are happy to advise and discuss this with you.

Craniofacial Orthopedics, TMJD

Many people process stress by grinding their teeth at night. In the process, extremely high forces develop which can overload the muscles and joints within and outside of the masticatory (chewing) system. The interdisciplinary cooperation with orthopedic specialists, physical therapists/physiotherapists and osteopaths is a basic requirement for successful treatment.


Differential diagnostics is very important, especially, when treating patients with muscle and joint pains within or outside of the masticatory (chewing) system.

Practice Areas §21 Professional Regulations for Dentists of the Landeszahnärztekammer Baden-Württemberg:

  • Microscopic root canal treatment
  • Implantology (DGI)
  • Temporomandibular joint treatment