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Suprising study regarding exposure to electrosmog in the field of mobile communication devices: Significant findings proven on measurement of brainwaves (EEG*)!

* using EEG (electroencephalography), brainwaves are diverted and recorded using electrodes placed on the head.

Exposure to electromagnetic radiation via the use of mobile communication devices can heavily influence our brain activity and performance. It induces a shift of the natural brain activity into the higher frequency area (beta and gamma activity), which can otherwise only be seen after intense stress or mental strain.

The Solution: The Gabriel Chip for your smartphone

The Gabriel Chip can counteract the changes in brain activity caused by exposure to radiation from mobile communication devices. Brain activity is normalized and global overactivation of the brain caused by radiation exposure is heavily reduced.


The effects on brain activity are highly significant and were able to be proven on all test subjects. The performed study documented the protective effects of the Gabriel Chip. This demonstrates a new approach in protecting our brain from the effects of mobile communication devices. » All information on the study

Gabriel Technology – a must for your smartphone!

Smartphones cause electrosmog exposure which although not visible can still influence our lives. The long-term health effects of various electromagnetic radiation (summarized by the newly coined word “electrosmog”) have not yet been sufficiently investigated to classify them as harmless – on the contrary: Increasingly, various institutions are warning against the possible risks and long-term effects.


Using Gabriel Technology, you reduce the amount of certain exposures from your smartphone and also possible risks that go along with it. Gabriel Technology offers an innovative solution for your smartphone. Simple in use, economical in purchase, highly durable and with a measurable reduction effect.


The Gabriel Chip is also available for many other products such as DECT-telephones, WLAN-routers, baby monitors and Bluetooth accessories. Further information from » Gabriel Technology or at our practice.