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Regular preventive medical check-ups and professional teeth cleanings in our practice serve for early detection and prevention of diseases and damages in the teeth and in the whole organism.

Professional teeth cleaning

Prevention is better than cure, and a good dental care is better than drilling. We gladly advise you in all questions of prophylaxis – starting with the correct brushing technique about the removal of tartar to the general oral hygiene and dietary advice. They enable early intervention before caries occurs, and provide the best conditions that you can keep your own teeth into old age.

Teeth cleaning

Care of periodontitis patients

A strict inspection and regular removal of bacterial surfaces (plaque) has especially great importance for you. Learn how you can improve your oral hygiene. We help you to find the right mouth hygiene items and to use them correctly.

Fissure sealing

Tooth caries is still one of the most common diseases in the population. The chewing surfaces of the large permanent molars are considered to be particularly at risk. To prevent tooth caries in these places, a so-called fissures and pits sealing on the chewing surfaces can be applied. Preferably, this measure is done immediately after the breakthrough of the teeth in childhood. Through the plastic material, the entrance doors for the caries will be closed. If even a small caries was formed, it will be minimally invasively removed in our practice, and then the fissures will be sealed.