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Precise · Careful · Innovative


A very accurate way of working is important to my team and me. At the dental treatments, the patient care, across the entire practice organization and hygiene. Trust our precision in all areas.


You as a human and your well-being in our practice are important to my team and me. Therefore, a careful and respectful conduct with each other is a matter of course.
We work concentrated, always with open senses and take responsibility for our work.


Openness to new innovations and continuous training are a matter of course for my team and me for an exclusive dentistry according to the latest scientific standards. So, we can achieve our primary concern for you – holistic dental healing, aesthetically and functionally.


Welcome to our practice!

Healing both holistically dentally and aesthetically and functionally - this is our primary concern. We focus not only on your teeth but on the whole person. You will get a professional dental treatment in our house, as well as suggestions, how you can strengthen the health of your teeth through new behaviors.

We will compose an individual treatment for you, where an exclusive dentistry is offered according to the most innovative scientific standards! Together with our dentist Dr. Flurina Meissner, we offer a wide range of dental treatments that are completely tailored to your needs and wishes.

Our philosophy, our commitment with love as highly qualified dentists, as well as the competence of our employees guarantee that you will be happy with your teeth many years.

Yours Dr. Hans-Jörg Becker

Practice Areas §21 Professional Regulations for Dentists of the Landeszahnärztekammer Baden-Württemberg:

  • Microscopic root canal treatment
  • Implantology (DGI)
  • Temporomandibular joint treatment