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Functional diagnosis and measurement of the temporomandibular joint

With accurate diagnosis to the target

The function analysis is used to check the functional condition and interaction of the teeth, muscles and temporomandibular joints. In cases of temporomandibular joint disorders, muscle or facial pain or stress-related tensions, the cause could be a defective function in the interaction of these structures. In this case, there is a CMD (craniomandibular dysfunction).

The required examination consists of a clinical analysis (questions about the disease syndromes, examination of the muscles and joints) and an instrumental analysis (measuring of the temporomandibular joint, determining of the correct bite position).

Using the values from the temporomandibular joint measuring, the articulators (joint simulation devices) can be programmed very accurately with the patient-typical, individual values. In this case, using exact models of the patient, the three-dimensional position of the lower jaw to the upper jaw in relation to the location of the temporomandibular joints outside of the mouth is examined, so that an accurate and individual diagnosis and therapy is possible. Ultimately, the knowledge of patient-specific tracks of temporomandibular joints is a basic requirement for exact, functional and, therefore, durable dental prosthesis, too.

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