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Aesthetic dentistry

A smile is the most beautiful greeting, and the teeth are your visiting card.

Functional dental prostheses and reconstructions from experienced hands

In the manufacturing of dental prostheses, we focus not only on the individual tooth but look at the whole organism as well. The interaction of the teeth with the various muscle and joint movements is not ignored by us. But, of course, the aesthetics is in the foreground for us, too. We fabricate dental prostheses in the closest cooperation with highly qualified dental laboratories to meet your highest cosmetic and functional expectations.


The comprehensive consulting and the support until the decision for the right solution are our number one priority.

Ästhetische Zahnmedizin / Zahersatz

Highly aesthetic dental restoration

We meet your requirements

Modern, extremely durable composites are ideal for smaller fillings and the natural restoration of teeth. A broken incisor or minor defects can be reconstructed perfectly with this material in a reliable, somewhat time-consuming layer technique. Thus, even position changes on the front teeth can be performed, and gaps can be closed. These restorations made of plastic ceramic composite, in case of low reduction of hard tooth substance, are a cost-effective alternative to gold and ceramic.

Amalgam restoration and removal

Your health is important to us!

Your decision to separate from the amalgam fillings in your mouth is most welcome from a holistic medical perspective.


In numerous studies and observations – to express it very, very briefly –, the following essential facts were proven:

  • Mercury (Hg) is the most toxic non-radioactive element.
  • Heavy metals (Hg, Cu, Sn, etc.) are released from amalgam by chewing, crunching, but in particular by brushing with traditional tooth pastes.
  • With correct measuring technology, the amounts released exceed significantly the limits of the WHO (World Health Organization).
  • Heavy metals will be taken very rapidly and almost completely in the form of steam via the mucous membranes (mouth, nose, lungs, intestine).
  • Heavy metals are provable in the body in organs, connective tissue, nervous tissue, brain structures, jawbones and in the tissues of newborns from mothers with amalgam fillings
  • Heavy metals impair the metabolism, the immune system and the enzyme activity in the body.
  • Impair or poisoning of heavy metals may be reduced or even completely eliminated through targeted, reasoned and comprehensive holistic measures.
  • According to American studies, there is a correlation between mercury from dental amalgam and vaccines and mobile communications and attention deficit disorder (ADD).
  • In the Alzheimer's research (Dr. Boyd Haley), methyl mercury (the combination of mercury (Hg) and metabolic products of dead/root canal-treated teeth) was described as the most poisonous substance ever found in humans.
  • Heavy metals such as mercury have a special affinity for neurological structures (multiple sclerosis (MS) and other diseases).
  • Thus, heavy metal poisoning can also cause general medical symptoms.
  • In addition to the removal of amalgam under special arrangements, such as the use of a dental dam and good suction, a rejection should take place. Our concept here is based on the studies of Dr. Joachim Mutter.
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We will be happy to provide consulting to you!

Teeth whitening / bleaching

Teeth whitening / bleaching

White teeth according to scientific standards

Pearly white teeth are positive eye-catchers and contribute enormously to an attractive appearance. But unfortunately our teeth are by nature rarely as brilliant as we wish to have them. Therefore, more and more people access the method of bleaching, but many are afraid of side effects such as damage of the enamel or uneven coloring – it is right, because only a bleaching performed in the professional way can guarantee an optimum protection and a uniform color image of the teeth. In our practice, we offer you such professional bleaching procedure, gentle and tailored individually to you.